A Brief Travel Guide to Arunachal Pradesh

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Although Arunachal Pradesh area is not well known as a tourist spot as some of the other places, and is full of great travel opportunities. You must visit this place if you love nature, and want to explore the local culture as well. You can’t afford to miss Arunachal Pradesh whenever you’re looking to visit an area. You can also get Arunachal tour packages today and plan a trip there.

A Few Things About Arunachal Pradesh’s Tourism

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful areas in the country, with untouched rivers, hills, lakes and a great culture to explore. Many people dream of visiting this area whenever they’re making travel plans. This state is spread over a large area, and has everything that you’d like to see while touring any location in India.

You can enjoy adventure sports in this area. This untouched beauty of an area boasts various small rivers which allow you to take part in river rafting. You can also explore hidden places while trekking since there are countless trekking destinations in the area as well. There are some incredible motor biking opportunities as well.

This state also has a number of wildlife reserves filled with rare local animals which you can visit and see for yourself. Along with some rare breeds of animals, you can also visit Apple and Orange Orchards. Additionally, you can visit different tribes, and see varying traditions in every district. The local tribes also have various festivals throughout the year which you can enjoy visiting and taking part in.

Unique cuisine of the area is another thing which will catch your attention. You’ll find lots of unconventional foods that’ll test your appetite. There are also lots of different historical places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh.