Anyone that has ever been in a relationship would know that there are good times as well as bad times, and it is how the two of you react to the bad times that truly matters because of the fact that this is going to indicate just how much you love and respect one another. Having been in a relationship for a really long time is going to lead to a sense of stability but also stagnation, and people that have experienced this would often be quite anxious to at least try their best to make it so that they can bring a little bit of romance back into their lives.

Before we say anything else you need to understand that the size of the gesture that you are making often does not matter nearly as much as you think it does, in fact it might just do more harm than good. Small things matter as well. Try cooking for your partner as a treat, or get them flowers or a gift. You don’t need an occasion to make such things happen, and in fact not doing it because of an occasion but simply because you wanted to make them happy will help create a really romantic feeling between the two of you.

Working on improving your relationship can also be crucial in a lot of ways. See what you are doing wrong and fix it whenever possible. Listen to your partner because sometimes we don’t realize when we are doing something that might hurt someone we love, and the first step to recovery is always admitting that you did something that you shouldn’t have which is a very brave thing for anyone to end up doing all in all.