Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance Tips


Any roof which has a pitch of 10 and under will be classified as a flat roof. If you have a commercial building, you should do regular maintenance to prevent expensive repairs over time. This us the best way to make sure that the roof retains its value, and protects everything underneath perfectly.

It is a standard to get maintenance for your roof at least twice in a year. The best seasons are fall and spring. You should also get access to your roof, and see if there is any damage in the event of a storm or a heavy rainfall. Here are some of the best tips to maintain your commercial flat roof in the best shape possible.

Look Out For Pooling Water

This happens when rain water pools in unequal areas of the roof. If you keep ignoring the pending problem, it can lead to roof leakage problems and even complete roof failure down the road.

There are different methods that you can adopt to fix the pending water issue. A pump can also be used to suck the water and get it off your commercial roof. The best way to treat this issue is leveling up the uneven areas to make the roof perfectly flat.

Remove Any Debris or Vegetation

Flat roofs are more likely to accumulate debris over time. If you keep ignoring the accumulation of debris in top of the flat roof, it can retain the moisture and provide a great point for vegetation to grow on the roof. That us why you should remove all the debris from the flat roof during a maintenance check.

You should also keep an eye on the tree surrounding your house/ building and cut any branches that might fall on the flat roof. Keeping these things away from your commercial flat roofing makes sure that it remains in great shape for a long time.