Does Baking Soda Clean Carpet?

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When you are trying to mix up several different liquids and powders in an attempt to create a solution that would be tremendously effective at lifting dirt up and out of your carpet fibers, there is a pretty good chance that you are going to want to try to incorporate both an acid as well as an alkaline into the mix. Baking soda is one such material that you are likely going to want to experiment with at the very least to a certain extent, and we are going to tell you why it is such a popular addition to carpet cleaning solutions that are currently being used all around the world.

Suffice it to say that anyone that you hire from a Friendswood carpet cleaning service is going to give you similar advice to what we are providing you with. This is because of the fact that baking soda is a highly alkaline substance, and this means that it can be mixed with something acidic to help you clean your carpets in a very short duration. The mixture of both acidic and alkaline materials makes it so that oxidized gases are released, and the truth of the situation is that these gases are effective both at removing dirt that is not that visible as well as getting rid of stains that might be getting in the way of you making the most of your carpet in general.

The fact of the matter is that any acid and base can be used in a similar manner. However, baking soda is a common item that most households already have in the pantry, so you should consider opting for it in your next cleaning attempt.