Eco-Friendly Cars of The Future

An eco-friendly vehicle is as the name suggests, very helpful towards the environment. It doesn’t use the conventional internal combustion engine that use gasoline or diesel to operate. Eco friendly vehicles can be powered by alternative means of energy, most popular ones being, hydrogen powered, electricity powered and plug-in hybrid cars.

The main benefit behind the use of such vehicles is the reduction of fuel emitted gasses that cause supernatural climate change. The gasses that are emitted by the conventional cars are very dangerous in the long run. For example, the Co2 emissions have been linked to human illnesses like damage of respritory systems, cardiopulmonary disease and even lung cancer.

Safe drivers across the world have reported that the use of these vehicles in their day to day use, has saved them a lot of money yearly.

The three main cars that are dominating the market are the hybrid cars, the electric cars and the hydrogen cars.

  • Hybrid cars are powered by a petrol engine, which is why it’s called a ‘Hybrid’ car. It’s powered by both Petrol and Electricity. These cars lower the emission of greenhouse gasses, but only until they run on the electricity powered batteries. They will emit the same amount of gasses once the battery is out, since it will run on fuel.
  • Electric cars are not run on fuel at all. They rely entirely on electricity. The batteries on these cars need to be charged through conventional power sockets or Superchargers.

People think these cars are very eco-friendly compared to the fuel powered cars, but that isn’t the case. A recent study has shed some light on this topic, it mentioned that an electric car produces 80 % of the same emission that is emitted by the conventional Fuel powered car.

  • Hydrogen cars are also know as Fuel cell cars, they’re in their early stages of development, they’re still being worked on and presented to the public every year. The only emission of these types of cars is water pure enough, to drink.

In conclusion, eco-friendly cars are indeed, the future, but the only problem is that they’re still a thing of the future. The technology hasn’t achieved a complete eco-friendly result.