Foods That Can Help You in Yoga

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No matter what types, intensity and level of yoga you’re practicing, diet is the only way to provide your body with enough strength and focus to to all the poses correctly. It is important that you include everything nutritious and healthy in your diet that’ll help you in your yoga. Most of the yoga schools like the Marianne Wells Yoga School suggest their students to follow a good diet while they’re practicing yoga to amplify its benefits.

Here are some of the best foods that are proven to help your body in yoga.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are suggested by almost every expert no matter what type of dietary benefits you’re after. They have vitamins and fiber, which proves to be helpful for the people practicing yoga. Yoga strengthens your body, and leafy greens can further amplify the benefits by providing everything needed for the proper upbringing and nutrition of our body.


Porridge is high fiber, everyone knows that. But one thing that makes porridge a perfect choice for the picky people is that it is lower in the glycemic index and is shown to affect the cholesterol level in our body to decrease it. You can amplify the benefits of this amazing food by incorporating it in different recipes with other healthy things.

Porridge is digested slowly and easily in our digestive system, meaning that even a small amount in the morning can keep our stomach filled up for the rest of the day.


Berries can be eaten directly or they can be drunk as a smoothie, either way, they can help your body a lot by providing it with the disease fighting antioxidants. They also have lots of fiber, so, they are digested slowly and can keep the stomach full for a longer period of time than most of the other foods.