How to Dry The Carpet After Steam Cleaning

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When your carpet cleaning service provider is done with the task that you assigned to them, the last thing that they would say to do before leaving is that you shouldn’t step on your rug at least until the next day. This might frustrate you since you had likely been excited to walk on a freshly cleaned rug and feel how soft and fluffy it became due to your investment in high end carpet washing practices. However, understanding that this drying process is for your own good makes it a bit easier to swallow without a shadow of a doubt.

Another thing that you might want to learn about here is that you can do a few things to quicken carpet drying as well at this current point in time. You can ask your carpet cleaning service Humble for recommendations, but we also have some tips that you can follow starting with using a blow dryer. Blow dryers essentially put out hot air that is extremely dry, and as a result of the fact that this is the case they are among the most useful gadgets to utilize in the contexts that we are discussing right now.

You should point the dryer at a particular spot on your carpet for a full minute before moving on to another portion. The recently dried bit will retain a bit of heat for a while and continue to evaporate water, so you can let it do its thing while you work on the rest of your rug. This process might take up to an hour, but it can reduce carpet drying time by as much as half all in all.