How to Use Concept 2 Rowing Machine

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Concept 2 rowers or rowing machines are definitely an upgrade on a simple rowing machine and yes these are worth the money, since concept 2 rowing machines are more expensive than regular rowing machines people are skeptical about spending that extra bit, but these are surely worth the money as these are industrial grade rowing machines, these are used in some of the world’s biggest indoor rowing competitions and championships and have been the top choice for cross fit professionals for more than four decades now, apart from being a durable rowing machine it is a sophisticated machine which is laced with technology, it has a performance monitor which sets it apart from other machines, from calories burnt to heart rate it has a number of features which a regular rowing machine lacks and more importantly it has Bluetooth compatibility as well.

If you are a basic level user then this might not be for you but if you are in the process of creating a state of the art gym then this concept 2 rowing machine is a must have, it will cost more than a regular rower but it will surely provide so many more benefits as well, the method of using it is pretty much the same while the assembly is really quick and easy and this is one of the biggest advantages of having such a machine, another significant difference that you might find is the difference in rowing motion, it is so much more smooth and provides high performance rowing.

At you can learn more about concept 2 rowing machines and how it is one of the best cardio machine and more importantly you can educate yourself on the best options that you have available right now.