Story of Hamilton Musical


A young man, how is scrappy, famished and hoping to make his mark in the land of the free. Arriving from the West Indies, the boy became a success story of living the American dream. Had to work hard, through harsh conditions, but his perseverance and audacity made him a truly successful and influential person in the realms of history. Being appointed as the secretary of the treasury and working as the right-hand man of George Washington, Hamilton made his name as one of the founding fathers of America and ended up becoming a hero when we joined the great American revolution. Among the accomplishments he had during his professional career, he managed to get the national debt and reserve established that was non-existent before him. It is a known fact that Alexander was the main vocalist behind the inception of a national bank. His economic reforms and visionary leadership skills paved the way for America’s economic success.

The show while celebrating the life of Alexander, also sheds light on American history, the political situation as well as the current affairs. Bridging the gaps between past and present, the musical is filled with references and instances which envelops the audiences. The life of Alexander, although lived vividly, but was not away from tragedy and struggle. It all came to an abrupt end when he was killed by the vice president at that time during a duel. Despite all the struggle, the trials and tribulations, Alexander wasn’t able to get himself noticed enough in the books of American History in comparison to the other notables of that time. The play is a homage to Alexander that is witnessed by thousands and admired and appreciated by true fans of this great American musical. In order to know the Hamilton performance dates in Chicago, the complete information could be taken from online ticket service providers.