The Most Important Information to Include on Your Card

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Business cards come with limited real estate in terms of the amount of room that you would have access to. Putting information on your business cards is essential but since you don’t exactly have unlimited space in this regard you might want to figure out which information truly deserves to be on the card in question rather than assuming that everything should get on it which might just make the card seem cramped and difficult to parse the required information from.

You should definitely put your number on your business card. This is something that you can’t compromise on as people are most often going to contact you on the number that you have provided through your metal cards info. Apart from this you have enough space to add a few more things. A couple of lines would include your name as well as your designation so that the person you give the card to would know what you are actually responsible for all in all. After all of this you would have one more line of information that you can potentially add, and we would recommend that you go for your email address rather than a fax number or mailing address.

Emails are far more popular than fax these days, and mailing addresses are not all that necessary either if you think about it. By giving your customers information that would actually be useful to them you can increase the likelihood that they would try to reach out to you and this can be a deciding factor in whether or not your enterprise can sustain itself in the long run when it comes up against stiff competition from other companies.