Walmart to Walmart Money Transfer Can Actually Save You Some Money

walmart 2 walmart

Walmart has recently introduced its service called Walmart to Walmart money transfer, this service allows your to send money from one Walmart store to the other in the whole of Unites states and Puerto Rico. The recipient can easily collect money from the other Walmart store located near their house.

The service powered by Ria allows you to send the any required amount of money by simply visiting the customer service desk in any Walmart and paying with either cash or your debit/ credit card. Walmart2Walmart service became popular soon after its release due to the low fees that they charged, which has effectively the half of what their competitors were charging.

What Are The Fees on Sending Money?

The fees of sending money through the Walmart2Walmart money transfer service is relatively cheap. For transfers of up to $50, the fees is $4.5 flat. For any amount of money from $51 to $900, the fees is $9.5 flat.

Walmart also has a Walmart MoneyGram online service, that charges you a whooping $80.75 extra on top of $11.50 for a quick online transfer. One the other hand, the Walmart2Walmart service charges you the same amount of money for certain transfer ranges.

The Actual Using Process

The money transfer process though the Walmart2Walmart money transfer service is swift and very easy. To initiate the money transfer, all you have to do is to visit the nearest Walmart and contact their customer service desk to proceed further.

Although the Walmart2Walmart service is still considered the cheapest option that you have, you should still compare it with different options to see if you cam save any money. Additionally, you can use the walmart to walmart money transfer tracking service to know the status of your money transfer.