Will HRT Improve Skin And Hair?

hormone replacement therapy for men

Have you ever wondered why people that looked truly stunning in their younger years end up looking like walking skeletons after just a couple of decades have passed? Chances are that you’re not the only person that is thinking about this, but suffice it to say that this transformation does not have to be nearly as drastic as what some people go through at the end of the day. You see, the changes in your appearance are the natural outcome of your body running out of resources as well as undergoing some wear and tear.

Your skin is smooth and soft when you are young because of the fact that it has a large amount of collagen inside of it that keeps it tight and prevents it from sagging. However, as the years go by, your skin’s collagen levels start to get depleted to the point where it no longer has the ability to stay taught. By opting for HRT at Western Carteret Medical Center, you can make it so that your skin can regain a lot of its collagen, thereby reducing the number of wrinkles that you have on your face as well as the rest of your body.

HRT can also improve your hair by facilitating extra hair growth. Your body is a holistic system in that one part operating inefficiently will drag the whole system down with it. Hence, giving your body the hormones that it can no longer product itself can repair it in so many ways that we can’t even begin to list them out here. Your skin and hair would both improve after you have been taking HRT for six to ten weeks.